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Mobile Web Ghana organises Mobile Entrepreneurs Congress

Max Froumentin · December 7, 2011

On December 10th, Mobile Web Ghana is holding its first conference, Mobile Entrepreneurs Congress, in Accra.

Following the mobile industry’s initial boom as most of the population became owners of mobile phones, the second phase of its evolution is starting right now with the fusion of the Web with mobile phones. Apps, smartphones, mobile websites, SMS and voice services, and mobile entrepreneurship are all components of this second phase, and the congress will explore them in the context of Africa. Through presentations by some of the main actors in the mobile industry, as well as directed discussions within the audience, it will provide a unique insight into the global and local mobile landscapes.

The congress will connect people interested in mobile technologies, entrepreneurs in particular, to existing players in the mobile industry. It will be an occasion for everyone involved (or wishing to be) in the mobile ecosystem to meet, share and learn new ideas.

Specific African and Ghanaian topics addressed will include:

  1. Developing apps for local communities
  2. Funding  mobile startups and growing mobile businesses
  3. Emerging technologies – mobile money, mobile banking, mobile schooling,  mobile health, mobile transportation, etc.
  4. Mobile trends and capacity development
  5. Understanding mobile usage patterns and consumer behavior
  6. The role of content aggregators in the mobile ecosystem

Speakers include: Mark Davies (CEO, Esoko and Busy Internet), John Totoe (CEO, Mobile Content), Carl Ashie (Airtel), Nana Sarpong (iOS developer, Vodafone Ghana), Dr. Nii Quaynor (AFNOG), Pius Tuffour (VAS Manager, Vodafone Ghana) and Yaw Ankoma Agyapong  (Vodafone Ghana).

Please visit the congress’s website and follow Mobile Web Ghana’s blog for more information and updates.

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