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Mobile Web Ghana Awards Results

Max Froumentin · May 3, 2011

Big Cheques For The WinnersOn Saturday Mobile Web Ghana held its first «awards ceremony». The ten projects started during the February-March training course, and developed during April were presented, and a jury decided which among them would get one of the two prizes generously donated by Vodafone Ghana.

After the project presentations, the jury members (John Totoe from MobileContent, Nii Quaynor from AFNOG, Mark Davies from BusyInternet and Nana Manu from Vodafone Ghana) elected the following two projects:

First prize (GHC10,000): Music Request Service, by Alfred Anyan, Gerald Abraham and Martin Zonyrah. A mobile service designed to provide an easy and cheap means for people to request and share their favorite songs using their mobile phones.

Second prize (GHC5,000): Mobitix, by David Agbenyega, a mobile application that allows mobile users to buy tickets and event organizers to issue tickets, monitor their sale and validate them.

The prize money will be used to create businesses based on the winning projects, and as the second year of our mobile entrepreneurship project starts, we will be following those projects (including those that didn’t win), providing further business mentorship, helping accessing capital and providing media exposure. So expect to hear more about the projects soon, their authors and the resulting businesses.

More photos of the event are also available.


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