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Max’s Introduction

Max Froumentin · June 4, 2010

Max FroumentinHaving joined the Foundation earlier this month, I thought I’d introduce myself to the readers of this blog.
My name is Max Froumentin. I come from France, where I was educated in the ways of computer science. Later I joined the W3C, helping to design various Web standards, and learning a lot about Web technology. Then, I jumped the fence that separates standards design and standards adoption and became engineer at Joost, then a video-on-the Web startup, whose software architecture relied on many technologies created at W3C. Later I jumped another fence and moved on to work for Opera where I learned about yet another aspect of Web technology: making browsers.

When I was lucky to be given the opportunity to join the Foundation, I realised that it would be the best possible way to put what I had learned to use. Now that I am on board, I’m hoping that I can apply that knowledge where it can help the most. In particular I expect that the specific know-how I acquired on mobile, voice, and crowdsourcing technologies will be useful to the work of the Foundation. Watch this space to find out.

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  1. Kevin

    June 9, 2010

    Hi, Max,You are awesome. I admire you for having so good working experiences. You must be an excellent web engineer. I a young painter from China, specializing in creating different kinds of oil paintings. I am doing the SEO on my website of I will appreciate very much if you can provide some suggestions for me. Thank you in advance.Have a nice day!Kevin,From China.


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      July 1, 2010

      Dear Max Froumentin,Our NGO is happy for you and hope to share more things with you in the near future when we get money to design our NGO's website. We wish you all the best in your effort to help humanity keep-it up!!! Bye for now. OSIRES (CEO)


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