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New Institute for Web Science to Explore Next Generation of the Web

Web Foundation · March 22, 2010

United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced sweeping plans to make the UK the world leader in the digital economy by 2020, the BBC reports.   An key component of the Prime Minister’s plan is a commitment of 30 million GBP to create a new Institute of Web Science.  The Institute will be headed by Nigel Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee, who also serve as Directors of the Web Foundation.  The Institute will carry out pioneering research, in collaboration with universities and the private sector, to develop the next generation of Web technologies.

An official press release from the UK’s News Distribution Service regarding creation of the Institute of Web Science is now available.

More details on the Institute of Web Science, and how the Web Foundation will be cooperating with this new partner will be forthcoming.  Congratulation to all involved!

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  1. Roauf Khalil Aqayi

    March 27, 2010

    Congratulation and Good luck!


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