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Visits in Africa

Web Foundation · December 15, 2009

The Web Foundation’s visits to Africa focus on learning how the information technologies are being used, to understand the barriers and opportunities for Web usage, and to connect with people, projects and organizations active in the region.

Tim Berners-Lee and Daniel Dardailler of the Web Foundation visited Ghana in September 2009. Tim, Daniel, Stephane Boyera and Rosemary Leith recently completed a trip through Egypt, Kenya and Uganda, talking with Prime Ministers, Web developers and users.

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    July 16, 2010

    l am impressed with the wonderful projects that you are doing, l wish if you can also come to Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe.l also visit rural areas a lot and have a feel that they must be taught computer lessons and do a lot of projects like the green africa.Thank you.fredrick+263912364882


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