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New Videos: Tim talks with Ghanaian Web Users

Web Foundation · November 12, 2009

Tim Berners-Lee and Aleks Krotoski (BBC) talk with Ghanaians at a local community computer center about how and why they use the Web [see Daniel’s post about the trip: WF’s first trip to Ghana and videos with a local farmer].

The videos are clips from raw footage taken for BBC’s Digital Revolution (working title) project: an open and collaborative documentary about how the web is changing our lives.

Some answers they got:

“During our examinations we have to learn more, so I come here… to do research”

“Some ppl come here to learn, to type, and to have fun, so it’s very good [for the community]”

“To me the Web is my helper, I like it very much. I can do anything I like on the Web.”

“If I need to do something, I can go there are ask ‘Web, can you help me do it?’ and I have my knowledge that I can get from there.”

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