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Countdown to Launch

Web Foundation · October 7, 2009

I’ve hesitated posting too much on efforts required to create this new organization. But … people have been asking, and the ultimate impact of our programs will be, in part, a product of the organization itself. So, here’s a brief update on where we are, with a focus on the organizational milestones required to declare that the Web Foundation has “launched”:

Governance: WF is incorporated in Switzerland (global HQ) and the US (501(c)(3)). The founding Boards of both organizations are super and bylaws are in place.

Photo by Shivali Mehta
Photo by Shivali Mehta

Space: We are discussing sharing space in Geneva with another organization there. In Boston, we have settled into a few offices on the 6th floor of a 150 year old building, just blocks from public transit and the waterfront.

Staff: Initial staffing was completed (for the time being) with the arrival of Shivali Mehta, our new accounting and finance associate.

Contractors: We have a superb group of them, including: George Sadowsky (programs), Edelman (public and press relations), Development Guild/DDI (fund-raising), Say Yeah and Sum (new Web site), WithYou (concepts and graphics), WilmerHale and Lenz & Staehelin (legal), Deloitte (tax/audit) and Paychex (HR). W3C is hosting our Web site, email and collaboration systems.

Volunteers. Thanks to all of you who have offered to help. We are getting organized to take you up on your offers, with Ben Thompson volunteering to help coordinate those who want to assist with communications (blogging and following media), graphics, administration, systems, prototyping, program execution, and research to support fund raising and program planning.

Messaging. We’re still working on it, but we now have a 2-page executive summary that is getting close to articulating the vision and objectives for the Web Foundation.

New Web Site. The Alpha version looks cool. The final project should be a welcome replacement for our current, temporary site in about a month. The new will be dynamic, convey stories, engage people through our site and other social media, and provide opportunities to get involved. Very key: I expect that the new site will have news of WF’s first projects.

The Web Foundation is a work in progress. With completion of our Web site and of plans for our first projects, I expect we can finally launch the Foundation and get to the real, transformative aspect of our work: advancing the Web and empowering people. We hope you will engage in this work in a variety of ways.

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