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Introducing ‘The Web This Week’: Our Trial Weekly Newsletter

Web Foundation · April 20, 2017

Want to hear from the Web Foundation more often?

Starting in May, we’re going to be trialling a new weekly newsletter – The Web This Week – a collection of links, snippets and stories discovered by our team. What’s the backstory? We’ve long compiled an internal reading list of interesting articles, circulated on a Friday, and have occasionally shared it outside the Foundation. Many people have told us they’ve enjoyed it, and asked to receive it regularly, so we’re going to trial this as a newsletter and see what the response is.

What should you expect? A collection of interesting links and stories across diverse areas such as internet affordability, gender equality online, net neutrality and privacy – all relevant to our work to deliver digital equality. What shouldn’t you expect? Deep analysis – we’ll save that for our regular monthly newsletters and blog posts. We also can’t promise that we’ll never miss a week – sometimes work and life will get in the way.

Please do sign up here – and we look forward to getting your feedback!

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