Dinita Andriani Putri

Project Manager, Open Data Labs

Dinita is Project Manager at the Open Data Lab, Jakarta. Prior to joining the Lab, she was the Executive Director of the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance, a think tank that works closely with the government and civil society organisations in Indonesia. She also has experience working in various sectors in Indonesia, including in a private sector company, at the President’s Delivery Unit of the Government of Indonesia, and in several research organizations.

Dinita is familiar with the policy landscape of media, innovation, and technology in Indonesia and has published reports with topics ranging from media and citizenship, the use of open data and ICT in improving governance, and the policy implications of emerging technologies. She is particularly interested in the dynamics of technological development and how it affects society.

Dinita holds an MA in Big Data in Culture and Society from King’s College London where she explored the powerplay and the ethical dimensions of machine learning; and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Parahyangan Catholic University.