Chenai Chair

Research Manager: Gender and Digital Rights

Chenai Chair joins the Web Foundation as a Research Manager focused on Gender and Digital Rights. Chenai has extensively focused on understanding demand side issues with regards to digital policy from a gender and youth perspective in her work.

Immediately prior to joining the Web Foundation, Chenai was a researcher and communications manager at Research ICT Africa. Her work included research on ICT access and use issues, net neutrality and zero rating, and affordability across Africa. Her most recent projects focused on Unpacking the Gendered Digital Divide through a feminist perspective and Youth, Deprivation and the Internet in Africa. She also led the organisation’s development of communications strategies to better influence policy. She has supported organisations working on understanding digital ID issues in Zimbabwe and occasionally writes for GenderIT on her experiences as a feminist researcher.

Chenai currently sits on the Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group and co-chairs the Gender Best Practice Forum. She has also been part of the African School of Internet Governance core faculty. Chenai holds an MSocSci specialising in Global Studies, a BsocSci (Honors) in  Industrial Relations, and a BSocSci in Gender Studies and Industrial Relations from the University of Cape Town.