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New research by the Web Foundation shows that the dramatic spread of mobile phones is not enough to get women online, or to achieve empowerment of women through technology. The study, based on aRead more

This research , published with Transparency International , measures the progress made by 5 key countries in implementing the G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Principles . These principles,Read more

In our Open Data Lab‘s lessons learned papers, we reflect on our experiences with various projects, studies, and activities. With them, we share our perspective on the successes andRead more

Open Data How to Guides

October 26, 2016

Our Open Data Lab produces how-to guides that outline step-by-step the different approaches used in our projects. We hope you’ll find some valuable learnings which can be tailored to your ownRead more

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are powerful tools for achieving everything from enhanced incomes and wider access to credit, to quality education and healthcare for all andRead more

As part of our on-going analysis of the 3rd edition of the Open Data Barometer, published in April 2016, we are releasing a series of reports taking a closer look at the regional open data trends.Read more

The Affordability Report is an in-depth annual research initiative produced by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). The report is part of our ongoing efforts to understand why someRead more

How common are zero-rated data services in developing countries? What is their impact? Our new research, “The Impacts of Emerging Data Services in Developing Countries” aims to answerRead more

This paper is final of four in our second phase of research on Open Data in Developing Countries. These projects show the social, political and legal sides of open data that are too oftenRead more