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The Web is for everyone – new documentary on its invention

Web Foundation · June 10, 2016

“If we spend a certain amount of time using the Internet, we have to spend a little proportion of that time defending it.” – Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

This week, – a short documentary telling the story of our founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the invention of the Web – premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film recounts Sir Tim’s visionary decision to make the Web freely available to anyone without permission or payment, sparking a global revolution in information exchange.

Explaining this decision, he has said: “Had the technology been proprietary, and in my total control, it would probably not have taken off. You can’t propose that something be a universal space and at the same time keep control of it.”


Sir Tim gave the world the Web for free, and famously tweeted “This is for everyone” during the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. The Web Foundation is working hard to put his vision into practice: by working to end the digital divide, by opposing the creation of commercial “fast lanes” on the Internet, and by supporting local groups throughout the world who are fighting for free speech, privacy and right to information on and through the Web.

You can get involved by checking out our take action page and following us on Twitter @webfoundation for updates on our latest campaigns to advance and protect the open Web.

Watch this space for updates on the public release!

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  1. Hector Estigarribia

    June 14, 2017

    i'm from Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologías ( , Universidad Nacional de Caaguazu (, Paraguay . Actually i teach Web programming at informatics engineering . I'd like to know how to access this documentary to see at our class. REgards in advance.


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    1. Calum

      June 28, 2017

      Hi Hector. Thanks for your interest in ForEveryone.Net. The documentary is available on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) website: However, at the moment this stream only accessible in the United States. We'll post an update if and when the film is more widely available.Best,


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